Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leftist Luddites On The March

Nasty Crude Oil in a Blow OutAnd so the expected squealing, screaming demands for a ban on oil drilling arises. It didn't take too long, though longer than I had anticipated. For this is the way of the world in Left Land. Anything that would buttress the American economy, and thus the American people, must be destroyed. No matter to Leftists what will become of 'the people' as long as the agenda and aims of the Left is kept goose-stepping forward to the rear. No crisis can be wasted!

An oil spill is an ugly thing, killing wildlife, destroying areas of coastland where the oil washes up, poisoning the water in which it floats. No question this is an occurrence that should be avoided. Which is why the Oil Industry does, in fact, do its best to so avoid such spills and accidents. The cost in money alone is sufficient reason for the Oil Industry to work hard to prevent spills.

But nothing is guaranteed, you know. Nothing we do is free of risk. Accidents do happen, all the time, and though we can prevent most with planning and technology, there is no way all accidents - in any endeavor - can be prevented. Only children and Leftists believe such a prevention fantasy. If the Left has its way all of humanity, not just those primitive cultures you love to read about in the National Geographic, will be living in caves, subsisting on nuts, berries, and roots. And a Terminator shall lead them.

As Jeffrey Lord notes, in his American Spectator article, California's Governator wants to stop the risks!
"But then again, you know, you see that, you turn on television and see this enormous disaster and you say to yourself, why would we want to take that risk?"

-- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, on his decision to refuse oil drilling off the coast of California

Arnold as Ned Lud.

Who would have imagined this casting? The Austrian-immigrant turned body builder, entrepreneur, movie star and governor of the nation's largest state. The man who once seemed to have such a perfect grasp of the can-do spirit behind the idea that is America -- starring in a 21st century portrayal as Ned Lud.

As Lord also notes, regarding the Luddites:
And right about 1812 there began to sprout up in Britain what American novelist Thomas Pynchon described as "bands of men, organized, masked, anonymous, whose object was to destroy machinery used mostly in the textile industry. They swore allegiance not to any British king but to their own King Ludd" adding for some incomprehensible reason a second "d" to Ned's last name. Pynchon adds: "It isn't clear whether they called themselves Luddites, although they were so termed by both friends and enemies." As observers have pointed out ever since, the Luddites had what the late British scientist and novelist C.P. Snow termed an irrational fear and hatred of science and technology. They were the "counter-revolutionaries" of the Industrial Revolution, who angrily detested modern inventions they had "never tried, wanted or been able to understand."

Lord goes on to say:
But the real question here is whether or not Americans will succumb to the Luddite world view. Or clean up the mess, understand that risk is a part of everyday life, and that in fact nothing in this world is either risk free or fail safe.

And what happens to us when the Leftists manage to ban oil drilling, much less oil distillation, production, and use? Are you all ready to do without, not simply gasoline for your cars, heating oil for your homes, but lubricating oil for machinery? What about all the modern products that come from oil? Will you happily do without them?

When we run out of caves we can build thatched Huts!Oh, don't you worry. The Ruling Leftist Elite will not be doing without. They will still have the use of fuels for their lifestyles - after all, they are our betters, and deserve so much more than we, don't they? - but they'll also be the only ones who have the products made from petroleum products. And why not? They'll be the only ones remaining with enough money to afford these soon-to-be luxuries (after they destroy the economy utterly, leaving the rest of us on the dole).

Don't use oil-based products? No? Don't think so, do you? Well, here's a partial list of what those Evil, Mean-Spirited, Gaia-hating, Oil Industry Fascists create from that horrid, un-natural petroleum:
ammonia, anesthetics, antifreeze, antihistamines, antiseptics, artificial limbs, artificial turf, aspirin, awnings, balloons, ballpoint pens, bandages, basketballs, bearing grease, bicycle tires, boats, cameras, candles, car battery cases, car enamel, cassettes, caulking, cd player, cd's, clothes, clothesline, cold cream, combs, cortisone, crayons, curtains, dashboards, denture adhesive, dentures, deodorant, detergents, dice, diesel, dishes, dishwasher, dresses, drinking cups, dyes, electric blankets, electrician's , ape, enamel, epoxy, eyeglasses, fan belts, faucet washers, fertilizers, fishing boots, fishing lures, fishing rods, floor wax, folding doors, food preservatives, football cleats, football helmets, footballs, footballs, gasoline, glycerin, golf bags, golf balls, guitar , strings, hair coloring, hair curlers, hand lotion, heart valves, house paint, ice chests, ice cube trays, ink, insect repellant, insecticides, life jackets, linings, linoleum, lipstick, luggage, model cars, mops, motor oil, motorcycle helmet, movie film, nail polish, nylon , ope, oil filters, paint, paint brushes, paint rollers, panty hose, parachutes, percolators, perfumes, petroleum jelly, pillows, plastic wood, purses, putty, refrigerant, refrigerators, roller skates, roofing, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, safety glasses, shag rugs, shampoo, shaving cream, shoe polish, shoes, shower curtains, skis, slacks, soap, soft , contact lenses, solvents, speakers, sports car bodies, sun glasses, surf boards, sweaters, synthetic rubber, telephones, tennis rackets, tents, tires, toilet seats, tool boxes, tool racks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, transparent tape, trash bags, tv cabinets, umbrellas, upholstery, vaporizers, vitamin capsules, water pipes, wheels, yarn

But don't let that stop you, if you want to avoid the risk of another oil spill, anywhere in the world, anytime. By all means, let's not use oil, that natural substance, so useful and important to our culture and our economy. No, we can't take the risk! Risk-taking is foolish! Nobody in their right mind takes risks!

The Left continues its ceaseless assault on humanity in general, and Americans in particular. They want oil drilling, exploration, and refining banned. All in the name of risk-avoidance, economic justice, and the Religion of Gaia.

As Van Helsing puts it, after the latest insane mumblings of Left Coast politicians:
Here's an idea: next time there's a tragic car accident, let's ban automobiles. Then we won't need so much oil anyway.

Heaven knows my economic well-being is just fantastic, these days. I can handle ruin as well as anybody. *sheesh!*

Note: Maybe you wondered what happened to all the oil spilled during the Second World War? I know I have. From all the evidence available Nature handled it. And it wasn't just a few drops, either. From The Environment website comes this question and partial answer:
Where did the first major oil spill occur?

The first major oil spill occurred during World War II (1939-45), between January and June of 1942. German U-boat attacks on tankers off the East Coast of the United States spilled 590,000 tons of oil.

The first major commercial oil spill occurred on March 18, 1967, when the tanker Torrey Canyon ran aground on the Seven Stones Shoal off the coast of Cornwall, England. The tanker spilled 830,000 barrels (119,000 tons) of Kuwaiti oil into the sea.

On January 25, 1991, during the Gulf War, almost 1.5 million tons of oil was deliberately dumped from Sea Island into the Persian Gulf. Another major spill occurred in Russia in October 1994, in the Komi region of the Arctic. The size of that spill was reported to be as much as 2 million barrels (286,000 tons).

Spills such as the aforementioned were far larger than the much-publicized Exxon [...]
In case you had forgotten, Saddam Hussein, the asshat who purposely spilled all that oil, during the Gulf War, was a member of the Socialist (that's Leftists, folks) Baath Party. I'm just sayin'.


camojack said...

They can make many (if not all) of those petroleum products from organic (plant-based) sources now...but of course it will be a long time before it can be done on a sufficient scale to fully replace the petroleum derived stuff.

And then there's the cost differential...

benning said...

True, and the rising cost for all of those other, non-petroleum sources. It's be kinda like the rise on food prices when the Feds pushed ethanol. Imagine the food prices when vegetation is grown for commercial use as cellulose, and not for food - because the Gubmint would naturally subsidize it.

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