Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why Do I Blog? Yeah, It's A Meme!

Blandly Urbane tagged me with the latest blogger meme, "Why Do I Blog?". While backtracking to see how far back this goes, and maybe give credit to the first blogger to post this, I found a place that actually tracks these memes, as long as those who are tagged back-link to that site. Thus the "Big Meme Tracker: Why Do You Blog?" shows a long list - incomplete - of bloggers who have responded to the tagging.

Check out B.U's entry - it's fun! Now lemme think ...
How to play: First, you have to get tagged. Second, you should use a list form and name 5 reasons why you blog. Third, tag 5 others (no more than 7 tagged will show, to prevent spamming).

Which takes me to :

5 Reasons Why benning Blogs!

  • To sell my book(s): Having a tiny publisher, I knew I'd have to sell my own books. My family helps, and some of my friends have bought and recommended my book to others. But I started blogging to see if it would help me sell my book(s).
  • To play with my writing and stretch my skills. Some of you have complimented my writing, which makes me feel very good! But each time I blog I know that I have to give my very best, which requires me to get better.
  • To voice my opinions on anything and everything. If you've been here before you know that I touch on politics, religion, art, music, writing, and anything that comes to mind. I hope I don't bore my visitors with my subjects, but even if I do, my topics interest me. See the second entry to the list, if I have bored you.
  • To meet like-minded folks, those whose blogs I've visited, and those who suddenly discover my Writing Pad, as well as any who stumble upon my postings and don't agree with me. I've had few nasty comments, so either I have few new visitors, or a lot of my visitors aren't upset with how I lay out my arguments.
  • Because blogging is easier and more immediate than the old web page way of doing things. My old webpages were fun, and gave me some confidence in the use of HTML, but were limited in a way that a blog isn't. Besides, I was curious after visiting a few blogs. I wanted to know if I could do it, too!

Now, having finished this song to myself, I have to tag five others. I won't tag Patrick, as he's not keen on tagging others, so let's see ... Let's start with

Now to go and tag these unsuspecting folks! Heheheheeee!


Brooke said...

UH-oh... I'm going to have to reciprocate. Tomorrow.

benning said...


You know you love these!

WomanHonorThyself said...

yikes I'm tagged!
now I gotta think bout this one my friend..ha.:)

benning said...

Think hard, Angel! ;)

vbspurs said...

Oh boy...thanks Benning, and just for you, I'll reply. Later this week! ;)


camojack said...

Why do I blog? Hmmm...does merely posting comments on blogs count?! 'Cause I haven't posted anything new at my blog in months.

Anyway, a good answer to either question:
Because I can...

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

You scared me with your comment. I thought I was receiving some type of payback; of all people I didn't expect that from you ;-)

I considered tagging Brooke, looks like it's not necessary now. These are kind of like chain mail without the threat of losing an eye/leg/anything valued so it was tough selecting at first, then I thought, 'oh the heck with it!'

Glad you discovered what the original rules were...I had no clue until I went back a littles and saw the "5 reasons..." post title.

Keep up the good woik! I'll be doing a little tweaking to my blog (minor), but perhaps it will assist with number 1.

Joubert said...

Thanks for not tagging me, Benning. I don't mind but most of the bloggers that I hang out with are party-poopers and hate memes.