Monday, April 09, 2007

The Flames of Hell

Patrick links to news of the "Crawford Peace House", that Leftist, anti-war, anti-American gathering in Crawford, Texas, designed to embarrass the President and enshrine such Moonbat luminaries as Cindy "Mother Earth" Sheehan in the Pantheon of Surrender Monkeys.

It seems the peaceniks are falling out over money, among other things.
The Crawford Peace House recently lost its corporate charter with the state, and a former member who now has rights to the name is threatening legal action because the group continues operating.

Sara L. Oliver and others are calling for a state investigation to determine why only $14,700 is in its bank account, saying tens of thousands of dollars donated during Cindy Sheehan's 2005 war protest are unaccounted for.

"There are people who have said, 'Don't say anything because you'll hurt the peace movement,' " Miss Oliver said. "But if the peace movement isn't pure and transparent and holy as it can be at its heart, then it's just like George Bush: lying, thieving, conniving, back stabbing ... ."
Gracious! Even when they are braying about being nice, they cannot help but be vile.

These are the folks who demand we listen to them, emulate them, live like them - as they insist they are paragons of all-that-is-virtuous - and continue to prove they are little more than naughty children, lighting matches and blaming others for the fires they have set. All of this based on raising Sheehan onto a pedestal as a "Mourning Mother", which description she ground into the dust long ago.

There's a special place in Hell, I think, for those who would traffic in their supposed grief for fame, fortune, and power. "Mother Sheehan" will be there to welcome others, I'd bet. I wonder how she'll take the heat then?

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Brooke said...

I totally agree with you; and you can look back to "The Inferno" to get one author's guess at that special place!

BTW, I LOVE the new mother's day digs!

benning said...

I had fun with this set up! LOL

I used to do this with my web pages, but I figured blogger was not gonna be do-able. And the *New* template is nearly impossible for me to fix. So I'm stickin' with the old template!

Dante did seem to paint a perfect picture, didn't he?

camojack said...

No honor among...cretins.

Gayle said...

The picture you placed at the top of your blog is wonderful; the picture you put up of Cindy Sheehan is not! Dang... I don't normally make fun of people for their looks, but it's very strange to me that people like Cindy and Rosie are so intensely homely. I wonder what causes that?

So... it would be interesting to know where the money went, wouldn't it?

Joubert said...

I wish I hadn't seen that Flash pic before breakfast.

benning said...

Camo: You said it!

Gayle: I don't know, but maybe it's cause of so much homeliness inside? Just guessing, mind you!

Patrick: Sorry! I won't do that again! Promise!

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

That's an interesting trick; but she is sickening enough without the movement.

Sorry my friend, but you've been tagged...

Gayle said...

I forgot to thank you for the link to the Flash Gear page. Thanks!