Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Read & Vote! Please!

Reader's Digest is having a contest - "Your Life" - entries closed on November 1 - and the first prize is $25,000! Two of my very good writing friends have entries. These are very short stories, easy to read, and inspirational. Please hit the links, below, read the stories, and click the "Vote" button beneath. You can vote for both of them. And you can vote each day, too!

So please go! Read 'em, and Vote for 'em! :D

This contest ends on November 15, so hurry! :D And no, you don't have to be a Facebook member, either. ;)

Donna Sundblad's: "True Thankfulness"

Joni Zipp's: "To See Again"


joni said...

thanks buddy. Writers helping writers! :)


camojack said...

Oh, look: another post. :-)
(But I repeat myself)