Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Done My Duty!

I finished work, hopped in my decrepit car, and motored over to my local Polling place. In this case it's amid the Florida Extension Service's Botanical Gardens. Quite a nice place to wander through on the way to vote. The day has been overcast - and lightly misting - but the air was fresh and cool. Nice!

I'd put a photo up, but I'll be danged if I can find one!

Inside, expecting long lines, since the MSM has been touting the huge lines and long waits for early voting (trying to discourage voting?), I was very happy and surprised to find no lines! Cool beans! It was a steady trickle of voters, but no waiting at all.

I went in, looked around, asked the older gentleman at the door where the long lines were - "Long lines? Hahahahah!" he chuckled and gave me a huge smile - and went to the row of tables marked "Step One". And I was on my way. The ladies manning the desks were very friendly, knew what they were doing, and pointed me to each step along the way. Finally, ballot in hand I went to one of the privacy tables, marked my ballot, and headed for the funny machines that suck your ballot in.

Stick your ballot in the slot, in it goes, the screen says it's scanning your ballot. Then it reads something like, "You have voted! Thank You!"

Well, that made me smile. I always feel good after voting. I turned and handed the man at the rear door my pen and ballot cover, he gave me a sticker, and out I went. As I passed the front door where I had entered, I leaned in and called out, "Thank you very much!"

Tha ladies looked over, smiled, and answered, "Thanks for voting!" Dang! That made me feel good, too!

I had one huge smile on my face!

Down the hall and out the door, past the big, softly swaying trees, and back to my car.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees my right to vote. Having that right it is up to me whether or not I vote. To me it is a duty as a free American to vote. I saw my duty. I voted!

How about you?


Joubert said...

Yes, it's a good day whenever we can vote for a change of power and not have to fight for it.

shoprat said...

I voted but it was an act of futility.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I voted, for all the good it did. Anyway, let's look on the bright side; no longer will we have to listen to people bellyaching that this country is keeping them down because of their race...also, Biden’s idiocy should provide much (needed) entertainment in the coming years.

That’s about it. Mostly, it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better...

benning said...

So now we keep a close watch on the criminals and thugs that will inhabit the White House. And speak up about it!

No more Black Panthers intimidating voters! No more fraudulent elections activities. Push the issues until they squeal!

Yep! Gonna be a tough, interesting four years!

Brooke said...

I voted, but only once.

benning said...

And nobody will be prosecuted for this, will they?

Ahhh, change!

Tom said...

Change - that's what we'll all have after everything is said and done....

benning said...


WomanHonorThyself said...

HEY my friend..where ya been?..lol..oh well 4 years to re take our nation eh!..hugs!

Gayle said...

I also voted, Benning. Some would say it was a waste of time now, but it's never a waste of time. At least we know we did our duty as Americans and we did our best.

Now come out of hiding. We Republicans have work to do to get our party back on the right track!

joni said...

Be polite?

Very well... polite. :-)

I think I'm in the wrong place, sorry. :-(


adagioforstrings said...

There were lines stretched out of the polling station when I voted, which I've never seen before. The Greene County Democrats were handing out free coffee & Democratic propaganda, which reinforced for whom I should not vote.

Oh well, two more years till we get a chance at Congress. Too bad Republicans didn't exercise fiscal responsibility when they were in charge, instead of just acting like Democrats with elephant lapel pins.