Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Most working stiffs - what the hell does that really mean!? - have Saturday and Sunday off. Not all, but most, I would say. I don't. I have Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Right smack-dab in the middle of the week. So for me the weekend is not what most of you enjoy. And there are some 'downsides' to that.

Family get-togethers, where folks gather on a Saturday to picnic or party, are tough to get to when one is working that day. Church is iffy at best because you work that day, too. While most folks, of a Saturday or Sunday, are making plans for a Football game or a concert, or whatever, people like me are driving to work, putting in our hours, and heading home.

But there are a few 'upsides' to weekends in the middle, too.

For instance, when I get up on a Wednesday morning it's rather quiet, save for the hum and whine of traffic out on Ulmerton Road. The kids are at school, the adults are mostly at work. Nobody is outside tinkering with their car, the kids aren't rambling about shrieking and screaming in play. It's quiet! It's nice!

If I want to go to the Library it's not crowded, and traffic, depending on when I go, is light. Most of the cars are parked where their owner works. Need to visit the doctor or dentist? No missed work, or awkward arrangements and scheduling. "Yeah, I can be there at 8:30, Doctor."

I ambled down to the laundry room this morning, after doing my f2k checks, and it was empty. Just me! To top it off, this morning one of the dryers is broken. Wait for it ... it's permanently 'On'! I finally get a freebie! All the lost quarters from broken washers and dryers I've endured and now I have all the drying time I could wish for! And, NO, I'm not notifying management! They can't repair these things when they need to, so they can lose a few dollars for once. Hmmph!

I strolled down to toss my garbage and inhaled the morning air. The squirrels were chattering, the birds flitting from tree to tree. I could watch the sky and enjoy the slight over-cast. Nice.

I'll head to the store a little later to do my 'eats' shopping. And it will be easy to navigate the aisles. The shelves will be fairly well-stocked, and I won't have some idiots who can't figure out how to push a shopping cart, wobbling down the middle of the aisles, blocking the way. Yeah, I get grouchy when nimrods block aisles because they are the only ones there, don'cha know?

And finally, I can sit at my computer and write. The sounds of people are so few on my days off that it's almost like being in a secluded spot. I will put some nice music on and get in the proper mood for my writing, and enjoy the day.

I might even go blog visiting! Been awhile since I've had the time to say hello to my blogging friends. Did you know I have an ad for my novel running at Sister Toldjah? I do! Go check it out!

And have a safe, nice, day!


Joubert said...

For most of my life I worked weekends and had Mon and Tues off so I can relate completely.

camojack said...

Some of the same reasons I like being on third shift.

And yes, I did notice your ad at Sister Toldjah...

Brooke said...

I like going shopping either REALLY early, or REALLY late, when there's no one about.

When I used to work nights, the grocery store at 0400 was all mine. Mwaahaahaa.

defiant_infidel said...

Ya' know, Benning, I really find your genuine comfort and enjoyment of life very inspiring. You seem very happy. That's kewl... so many folks can't find that place.